Movie review: “Lucy” (2014)


“One neuron, you’re alive. Two neurons, you’re moving. And with movement, interesting things begin to happen…”

Lucy is Scarlett Johansson’s show from start to finish, but director Luc Besson was still wise to secure the services of Hollywood’s go-to provider of gravitas, Morgan Freeman, to function as what may be the first fully expository main character in action film history. Expository characters in action films are, of course, a dime a dozen. Every other James Bond movie, for example, produces, upon the superspy’s arrival in an exotic, forbidding new locale, some goofy local agent whose entire purpose is to appear from out of a nearby bush just long enough to bring Bond up to speed on the villain’s progress before getting himself killed. Freeman’s second-billed scientist sets the new standard, spending the first third of Lucy lecturing a hall of attentive European extras on the untapped but tantalizing potential of the human mind, the second third bewildered after he is contacted by a young woman whose misadventures with a Taiwanese designer drug (intended to – stay with me – synthesize and concentrate the miraculous natural agent that kick starts fetuses in utero) have unlocked her mind in unheard of and highly dangerous ways, Continue reading “Movie review: “Lucy” (2014)”