LeBatard, PTI protest too much…ESPN eats own tail


It’s not that I’m uninterested in sports talk radio host Dan LeBatard’s unorthodox protest against what he considers the MLB Hall of Fame’s archaic and “broken” election policy. In fact, I think he has a point, somewhat inelegantly stated. He famously (I suppose, in certain circles) recently farmed his Hall of Fame vote out to the readers of Deadspin.com, then submitted the results of the notoriously prickly, influence neutral (as much as any CAN be, in my opinion) website’s fan voting as his official ballot. LeBatard, who seems to have two default settings as a sports personality – righteous indignation and grating buffoonery – sought to prove some elusive point about the Baseball Hall’s arbitrary, elitist induction process, Continue reading “LeBatard, PTI protest too much…ESPN eats own tail”