Concert review: The Hold Steady

The Hold Steady

The A&R Music Bar, Columbus, Ohio – February 3, 2014

Craig Finn’s lyrics are rich, involving and endlessly evocative, of a specific time, place and mood that he wants to make universal. Listening to his band, The Hold Steady, one feels instantly included, like he has a place at the table, or at the end of the bar with his friends, around some summer bonfire, checking out the girl playing pool across the room or listlessly counting stars on a cloudless night, always wrapped up in contemplation of both what’s passed and what’s next. Finn paints scenes that, to me, are of a piece in quality with and seem direct descendants of renowned classic rock lyricists like Springsteen and Jackson Browne. They are small scale epics, highly personalized tales of aimless fun, regrets and redemption. Continue reading “Concert review: The Hold Steady”