Post No. 25: Powder Burns and Uncertain Terms


This is a delicate subject to talk about, because my writing is so personal to me. It always has been. Even if I’m telling you Aliens is not (quite) the exception that proves the rule about sequels being inferior to classic predecessors, or reporting that band X didn’t play my favorite song live, there’s still passion at the core of almost everything I write, or express. It’s a personality quirk that filters down into my writing, both in its content and homegrown style. That’s why I never really considered becoming a reporter, in spite of my Journalism degree. I often find it hard to view things in purely objective, dispassionate terms. I only started on that educational track in the first place because of my longstanding love of words, of writing, and of the English language. I spent my entire childhood reading and listening to music and watching movies, and now here we both are. I got bored with conventional toys so quickly.  Continue reading “Post No. 25: Powder Burns and Uncertain Terms”