Movie review: “Green Room” (2016)


“Shouldn’t we be panicking right now?”

“I’m hungry.”

I played drums in a procession of garage metal bands for the final seven years I lived in Tennessee, and, if for no other reason, that period was the unequivocal time of my life so far. Music for us was never the lean existence you so often find romanticized in autobiographies or scene chronicles. We simply didn’t push hard enough. We couldn’t get traction, let alone established, and, instead, just holed up in a humble succession of rooms, writing songs and practicing like our lives depended on it. By the time my first band began playing out, the local scene that I’d found so energizing in my latter days of high school had begun to seriously wane, taking the crowds with it. I never wanted anything more in my life than to be a touring rock drummer, which is why, as the by-product of countless hours of practice time and band meetings and unfulfilled ancillary daydreams over the years, I can relate so strongly to the protagonists of Green Room, a strange but affecting, intriguing but ultimately disappointing, terminally disjointed thriller that takes place in the highly specific, often terrifying, subculture surrounding the underground White Power music scene. Continue reading “Movie review: “Green Room” (2016)”