Movie Review: “Watcher” (2022)

“Have you noticed anyone watching you in your apartment?”

“No. But maybe I’ve gotten used to having eyes on me.”

“Do I just sound paranoid?”

“Let’s just hope you never find out. The best outcome might be having to live with the uncertainty. Better than getting raped and strangled with the words, ‘I told you so’ on your lips, right?”

In the days before the proliferation/ubiquity of social media made it perhaps a little too easy to discount and compartmentalize all your online relationships like so many flea market baubles, ostensible friends would sometimes invest excessive amounts of time trading back and forth stock answers to a procession of pre-made, painfully generic, minimally insightful personality surveys via email. That was how you talked with girls (bored co-workers, listless former classmates, etc.) in a non-threatening way back then. I’m not actually sure how people do it now. This was innocuous, first date, “getting to know you” stuff almost without fail, though I do recall one particular question, or, rather, answer, that cut through the static and has stuck with me lo these many years. Continue reading “Movie Review: “Watcher” (2022)”