Movie review: “Get Out” (2017)

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“I know what you’re thinking: rich white family, black servants…it’s the old cliche.”

These crazy kids, for a while you almost think the world is going to let them make it. Young, optimistic, and clearly in love, they make a striking and beautiful couple, though, unfortunately, the one descriptor, almost a reflex, still might possibly occur to an observer before the other. In some ways, they are, indeed, opposites, and also living proof of the attraction axiom. Their very names practically betray their backgrounds – hers as a daughter of suburban privilege, and his as an orphaned city kid who had to scrape by. Rose Armitage is the name of someone who could well have caught the first lifeboat and watched afar from relative comfort as the Titanic sank. Continue reading “Movie review: “Get Out” (2017)”

Pilot to Bombardier #1 (3/4/16): Girls Love Arrow


The proliferation of online streaming options may have more or less stabilized, but the biggest services in the game have also expanded both their offerings and scope. More new television is being produced now than at any time in the history of the medium, to say nothing of the numerous worthy series that may have originally fallen through the cracks only to eventually return to compete side-by-side with them for your viewing attention. With a veritable bottomless pit of television choices culled from sources past and current, premium and broadcast, online and terrestrial, making the decision to finally watch one series over another (or, indeed, all of them) can be excruciating. Luckily, all shows, in a throwback to the age when they competed for set airtime rather than free-roaming eyeballs, tend to put their best foot forward with their premiere, or pilot, episode. “Pilot to Bombardier”, then, is a semi-regular column where DAE reviews pilots for a trio of shows pulled from its massive, crushing backlog of as yet unwatched streaming and conventional viewing options in an attempt to determine which definitely deserve a further look and which might be safely discarded. Continue reading “Pilot to Bombardier #1 (3/4/16): Girls Love Arrow”