The Top Ten (+5): “Bob’s Burgers” Episodes

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“Bob’s Burgers – It’s a dead cow on a bun but it’s still really fun! Also, we’re closed.”

“Gene, it’s me.”

“Oh. Hi, Dad!”

“Have you been answering the phone like that?”

“Yep. People love it!”

Tina, Gene, and Louise Belcher are, to my mind, simultaneously among the greatest representative arguments for and against having children that modern television has thus far produced. They are unpredictable, springloaded balls of energy both creative and destructive, winsome and anarchic, with an uncanny ability for commentary – incisive, comedic,  deconstructive – that belies their disarming youth. If they just as often lose their trains of thought and go adorably crazy, well…aren’t kids supposed to say the darndest things? They’re exactly the sort of children I’d theoretically want as a parent, though I shudder reflexively at the thought of being their father. Continue reading “The Top Ten (+5): “Bob’s Burgers” Episodes”