DVR Hindsight #12 (6/12/15): iZombie finale, Hannibal season three


Though I obviously wield and write from a position of considerable (imaginary) power with this blog, I’m not typically in the business of assigning pop culture homework to my readership, or at least when I do, it’s well-considered. If, by this point in our relationship, you’ve stubbornly discounted my delightfully subtle recommendations, and are not, for example, either already caught up with FX’s The Americans, well into the process of doing so, or at least in strong consideration of taking that plunge (seriously, it’s thirty-six episodes…that’s not even a long weekend!), then I have probably reached the limits of what I can do for you. I feel, however, that it’s time to offer a rare exception in the case of two extraordinary, macabre police procedurals – one just ending its first season as the other begins its third – that glide below the radar of most viewers and settle (or unsettle, as the case may be) comfortably into some of the darkest corners of the television landscape Continue reading “DVR Hindsight #12 (6/12/15): iZombie finale, Hannibal season three”

Movie review: “Veronica Mars” (2014)


“So you got a boyfriend? Where’s he? What’s he do? I’m a hedge fund manager, what’s he do?”

“He’s a hitman. He murders people for money. Though he is always looking to diversify his investments …Do you have a card?”

I had the extreme pleasure and mild surprise of watching the Veronica Mars movie in an empty theater at 7:00 a mere three days after it hit screens. I never go into a theater hoping it will be empty, but there’s always a moment of fleeting but authentic triumph when I discover that’s the case. The massive screen, reclining in a conspicuously comfy chair, my feet up on the railing, a large Icee in my hand, no restless kids, no annoying fellow patrons, no limit on air drumming or personal in-movie commentary – it’s really my ideal viewing scenario, plus and minus the presence of a “pause” button and 15 minutes of commercials/ trailers respectively. I had a nice time. Continue reading “Movie review: “Veronica Mars” (2014)”