Steelers Thoughts #11 (11/30/15): Deep Breathing Exercises


So, Thanksgiving happened. My apologies for not sending along official season’s greetings wishes in a more timely, graceful, or obviously heartfelt manner, but real life intervened/interfered, as it does so often. Around these parts, owing in equal measure to outside influences and internal convolution, ideas tend to form and arrive on one of two schedules: preemptive or procrastination. I hope you had the finest and fullest of turkey days and experienced the very blackest of Fridays, that you had sufficient opportunity to bask in the loving glow of your family and/or friends and/or 42” television, and that all participants survived the experience with their limbs, digits, and senses of humor intact. Like most holidays, the extended Thanksgiving stopover requires from me a decent bit of driving to get from central Ohio to east Tennessee and back again. It’s a journey I’ve taken so many times now that it’s practically imprinted in my DNA, and, horror of horrors, the return trip falls, far more often than not, on Sunday afternoon. Nothing has the potential to add figurative hours of teeth-gnashing, blood vessel-popping hilarity to the several actual hours you’ve invested in returning home than listening to Pittsburgh Steeler football in real time, Continue reading “Steelers Thoughts #11 (11/30/15): Deep Breathing Exercises”

On Super Bowl XLVIII: The Night of the Wounded Duck

Credit: Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports
Credit: Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

For the players, coaches, and fans of the Denver Broncos, Super Bowl XLVIII was a waking nightmare from its first snap to its final whistle. I do not envy the aches and angst they will surely wake with tomorrow morning. For the Seattle Seahawks and their supporters it was both vindication and beautiful dream, in some ways an unprecedented one. Seattle played the first “clean” game in Super Bowl history – no sacks allowed, no turnovers committed – and seemed to break Denver’s will in the early going, then bury them altogether. Even one Bronco mistake would be one too many against such a performance, and armchair analysts will have a litter to pick from. Continue reading “On Super Bowl XLVIII: The Night of the Wounded Duck”