Power Surge, Overload, Short Circuit: Saul “Canelo” Alvarez TKO10 Alfredo Angulo


Alfredo Angulo, crestfallen, wore the pain of the decision on his badly misshapen face, and almost every boxing fan watching at that moment – whether in the ring, or ringside, in the “cheap” seats or the lower bowl, at a bar or at home, in Las Vegas, Mexico, Middle America, or at a movie theater like I was – carried its considerable, uneasy weight in his or her gut. In a well-anticipated pay-per-view main event pitting the relentless but relatable, self-styled underdog Angulo – nicknamed “El Perro” in case that identity wasn’t obvious enough – against slightly tarnished, by no less than Floyd Mayweather, Mexican matinee idol Saul “Canelo” Alvarez. Continue reading “Power Surge, Overload, Short Circuit: Saul “Canelo” Alvarez TKO10 Alfredo Angulo”

“Knockout Kings II” produces probable FOTY and more…

figueroa vs arakawa

Judged solely on its ability to make yours truly mutter aloud in repeated, involuntary, expletive-filled disbelief, tonight’s meeting between Texan dive bomber Omar Figueroa, Jr. and the frankly indestructible Nihito Arakawa is clearly the fight of 2013, and one of a handful I’ve ever seen deliver such sustained action at such an exhausting, harrowing pace. I’ve watched a lot of boxing in the last five years. Perhaps too much. I’ve seen far higher skilled combatants achieve their slices of rare air for an immortal moment. I’ve seen displays of will and perseverance so incredible or improbable that they practically shame me. That’s the nature of boxing. Continue reading ““Knockout Kings II” produces probable FOTY and more…”