The 24 Ways in Which I am Definitely (not) George Lucas…as DAE turns 5!


  • Like George Lucas (and George Carlin!), my first name is actually George.
  • Unlike George Lucas, only telemarketers and other such salesmen call me George.
  • Like George Lucas, my greatest creative work yet (the blog Darkadaptedeye has been judged roughly equivalent in artistic merit and cultural impact to The Empire Strikes Back, according to the handful of departed low-level Trump Administration officials whose breathless kudos I just made up) was entirely self-financed.
  • Unlike George Lucas, my greatest creative work did not have a standalone budget of $54 million dollars (adjusted for inflation).
  • Also unlike George Lucas, my greatest creative work did not have a budget at all. Though I do occasionally advertise it in $12 chunks on Facebook.
  • Also also unlike George Lucas, I made/make no money at all in exchange for the periodic consumption of my greatest creative work. Not ideal, I know, but just the way it is currently. If this was truly an issue, it probably would’ve surfaced by now.
  • Like George Lucas, my concepts are, with some regularity, better than my finished products.
  • Unlike George Lucas, my finished products in no way, shape, or form rank among the most beloved works in the history of film. Even by me.
  • Like George Lucas, there is gray in my beard.
  • Unlike George Lucas, my beard is not yet disproportionately gray.
  • Like George Lucas, my work can be ambitious and/or time intensive to a ludicrous extent, and is sometimes overwhelming in the moment.
  • Also like George Lucas, I work my ass off and do said work because I dearly love it. I honestly can’t believe Darkadaptedeye is about to turn five years old. Freaks me out a little.
  • Unlike George Lucas, there is not a demonstrably high demand for my work. Yes, I know.
  • Like George Lucas, I keep working whether that is demonstrably wanted or not.
  • Unlike George Lucas, I have never been to Tunisia. Though I have briefly appeared, by accident, on a green screen.
  • Like George Lucas, I saw what I considered an outmoded piece in need of renovation and embellished the hell out of it for a high profile re-release.
  • Unlike George Lucas, my renovation project was not the beloved original Star Wars trilogy. Instead, I recently extensively updated Ranking, Dissecting the “Friday the 13th” Series, which was the most clicked-on piece over the first five years of Darkadaptedeye. You’ll see this updated version posted on the site soon.
  • Like George Lucas, I am ridiculously happy with (and energized by) all the various changes I made to that Ranking, Dissecting piece.
  • Unlike George Lucas, the changes I made constituted an appreciable improvement to the original.
  • George Lucas and I both know – deep in my heart and deeper in his – that Han Solo shot first.
  • Like George Lucas, I fully intend this new “Special Edition” post to be the version of record on DAE going forward, and hope it is seen by at least as many people in the next several years as it was to begin with. Even more would be just great.
  • Unlike George Lucas, I won’t be removing the original Ranking, Dissecting piece from public view altogether to make undue room for this new hotness.
  • Like George Lucas, I am profoundly grateful for every person who has ever checked out, consumed, or directly or indirectly supported my work. I try hard. You rock without even trying.
  • Also like George Lucas…Wait, that’s a statement. I also like George Lucas.

In closing, thank you so much for visiting Darkadaptedeye, a dingy, digressive, semi-dignified labor of love in which the very concepts of “labor” and “love” wage perpetual war over my soul and sanity. Also, there are movie reviews.

Take care. Cheers, and many happy returns!

Eric Naff
Columbus, Ohio
4th January 2019

Click here to read the original Ranking, Dissecting the “Friday the 13th” Series.

Look out for Ranking, Dissecting the “Friday the 13th” Series (Special Edition)…coming soon.

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