Detour: A song of death, “Death”, thrash, craft, and (almost) karaoke


An infrequent occurrence, a “Detour” is an attempted standard review that, either from an excess of subject matter, personal perspective, rank obscurity, or unplanned or uncontrollable digressions, ended up significantly changed from its original form by the writing and editing process, sometimes even for the better. There is a review in here somewhere, I promise. You may just have to dig a bit.

appearing: Toxic Holocaust, Lord Dying, Infernal Death (official Death tribute)                              Ace of Cups, Columbus, Ohio – September 6, 2015

It’s important up front to know a little about my mood going into this. I’m a pretty reasonable guy, sweet, empathic, a little goofy. It’s not that my Labor Day weekend leading up to the Toxic Holocaust show was necessarily bad, but it was…frustrating. I won’t bore you (or revolt myself) with first world problems. Suffice it to say that my plans to that moment, best laid and well-intentioned, had gone awry with comprehensive and perplexing regularity, and I was in a mild funk. I needed thrash metal to mitigate my foul mood, and, after two days of existential drifting, it was finally time to consult…the schedule. Continue reading “Detour: A song of death, “Death”, thrash, craft, and (almost) karaoke”